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G in the national quality supervision and inspection of abrasives, affiliated to the zhengzhou institute of abrasives grinding co., LTD., is through the Chinese conformity assessment (CNAS) national approval committee approval and national certification and accreditation supervision and administration commission of metrology accreditation (CMA)/review for approval (CAL) state-level abrasives products quality supervision and inspection agencies. I

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????Bear the product quality supervision and spot checks, product inspection, quality inspection, quality inspection, new product identification inspection and scientific and technological achievements appraisal, abrasive abrasive tool quality inspection personnel training; abrasive abrasive tool national standard and industry standard system revision work....

???? The analysis of the quality inspection center provides testing services mainly include the following: A, element analysis Using X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, X-ray diffractometer and scanning electron microscopy (sem) spectrometer, inductance plasma emission spectrometer, such as atomic absorption spectrometer instrument for a variety of qualitative and quantitative analysis of material element testing services; Second, the gas analysis Using infrared carbon sulfur analyzer, multiphase hydrocarbon analyzer instruments for materials such as carbon, sulfur, hydrogen qualitative and quantitative analysis of testing services; Three, surface topography analysis Using scanning electron microscopy (sem), atomic force microscopy, 3 d video microscope, diamond morphology analysis system and other instruments according to customer requirements or relevant...
???? Standard council adopts a membership system. Join standardization committee-nanyang and pay the membership fee of member units, give priority to, the secretariat of the preferential enjoy standard council provides the following services: 1. To provide all the professional current national standards, industry standards and advanced foreign standards and relevant materials; 2. Be responsible for the stable cross industry standard. Such as offers stable cross standard workshops, jitc exchange, etc.; 3. Responsible for the unified solving abrasives industry dedicated fixture; 4. Provide technical consulting service about standards; 5. Responsible for product quality within the scope of this professional evaluation standards; 6. Review or recommend to the superior result or good standard industry standard; 7. The authorized, take place, enterprise stand...


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